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The Alps. Part 1

The Alps - the highest and longest mountain range among the systems entirely lying in Europe

It all started with buying the first motorcycle and reading the reports about the Alps, because it's damn beautiful, I'll get there on a motorcycle. Then I also wanted to go there with a big company of friends, to walk in big cities in the central squares, but over time the views changed.
And I think everything worked out.
There's probably no point in writing about preparation. The main things were to do a visa, a couple of cards of different payment systems, a little cash and a list of points for spending the night. At first I wanted to combine a tent-hotel, but since all the fellow travelers "fell off", there was no desire to to hang around with the tent, and there were no problems with finding hotels at all.

Start in the early morning

Day 1
Almost 8 am and already in Slovakia, now the most difficult is to swith the speed, as it is better not to go more than 50 km/h in settlements, but with this rate the expense dropped to 3.4 liters.
I wanted to see the High Tatras on the horizon, but the weather was against, a little rain, clouds, and only a couple of minutes I managed to see the wall of the mountains on the horizon.
I checked in really fast
then I went in search of a store with food. I bought it, ate, I scored a route to the navigator for the next day.
In general, I prepared for an early start and went to walk around
and a little of rest...

Day 2
After half an hour after the start, I had to put on a raincoat and briefly describe the following events:
rain, serpentine, mountains, beautiful, rain, rain, downpour, windmills, Austria.
Especially it was not possible to take much photos, sometimes I was covered with a good shower.
On the border of Slovakia and Austria a 10-day vignette for 5 euro was bought
After the exit off the highway, the Alps began
Secondary roads are pleasing with their beauty, the smoothness of the turns, the architecture of the settlements and the well-groomed streets.
It is felt that every resident watches his house and his village, cherishes cleanliness.
With these thoughts, I got to the small town Miesenbach bei Birkfeld.
I moved in, hung out my clothes after a rainy day, and went around to explore the area.
View from the window of the room
Someone will think "He went Budapest and Vienna," but I did not have the goal of stopping in big cities, standing in traffic jams, looking for a parking spot, plunging into the bustle of the capitals.
All the beauty is in small towns, with simple inhabitants, with a view of the mountains, paths for hiking, it is more beautiful than stone squares.
In the evening I sat in a local restaurant
And then to sleep, the trip in the rain exhausted a little.

It's just the beginning!
To be continued....
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