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The Alps. Part 2

Day 3

On the third day the morning algorithm was worked out automatically! It takes 15 minutes to collect everything and pack.
In general I ate and went.
The road to Mautstatt is very picturesque, with an abundance of small towns. The speed was probably 45 km / h, but it did not bother at all, there is good music in the headphones, the mountains on the horizon and the smooth rumbling of the motorcycle, the mood is off scale, the head wants to twist all 360 degrees.
Then there was a little highway, with free wifi at the exits and parking for moto
But the sun was pleased with its presence not so long, when I turned aside Großglockner and it began to rain
Großglockner High Road is panoramic road in Austria.
certainly there is nothing to look at in such weather
The color of one sticker attracted attention. There were fellow countrymen :)
As I could do nothing with the weather, I had to go further.
Further the road led to the Pasternz glacier
Pasterze (German Pasterze) is the largest glacier in Austria. The length is about 9 km and it is at an altitude of 3463 to 2100 m above sea level. Located in the Eastern Alps (the ridge of the High Tauern) at the foot of Austria's highest mountain, Grossglockner.

To be continued....
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