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The Alps. Part 4

Day 4

Quickly picked up things, morning coffee with a sandwich and on the way, to conquer new peaks on a sunny day.
And then I caught myself thinking that I couldn't take pictures of everything. Sometimes I stopped just to look at the landscapes, the photo does not convey all that greatness and beauty, I definitely like the attitude of the Austrians to the mountains and their nature, order, cleanliness, road safety. And what a pleasure to go on the roads, not a single boorish movement on the part of motorists, everything is calm and measured...
With good music in the player I did not notice how I moved to Italy
What do you know about serpentines? I also thought I'd been riding on them and after Transfagarash and Transalpina I'm ready for anything, but then a great surprise was waiting for me.
Stelvio is a pass located in Italy at an altitude of 2757 meters. The road was built in 1820-25 by the Austrian Empire. Since then, the road has not changed. There are still seventy-five sharp turns, 48 ​​of them are numbered on the north side by stones.
Stelvio is cool. First I sat on the tail of the BMW GS with the Italian numbers, but the Italians are just as steep as the pass, they get in excellent, the turns are drawn to the footsteps, I tried to ride a little in their rhythm and it got hot, although temperatures dropped below 10 C. I gave up, could not keep their pace, I have to learn and learn a lot.
See what a happy face :)
At the top as always there are a lot of shops, cafes, there are hotels, a lot of ​​people. I walked around, I found a T-shirt, ate an apple and went down to go further.
The way down passed more relaxed, an incredible view opened with a game of color and light
The traffic jam appeared in one tunnel because of the owner of the off-road car.
And then I went down the mountains, there are other people, a different culture, a different language. Palm trees, hot, pretty town Bormio.
At the tray near the road I bought cheap peaches, and then a little further picked up some apples.
I had a snack and then went towards Lago di Livigno

To be continued....
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