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The Alps. Part 5

Admiring the beauty, I get closer to the lake Lago di Livigno.
The abundance of bicycle routes is surprising, you can go all around, from an ordinary road bike to an advanced mountain bike, there are ready routes for every taste and complexity, with all sorts of jumps and drops, lots of turns and tunnels. In general, all the time, I couldn't stop thinking that you should go to the Alps on a camper with bicycles and at least a month to slowly explore all the corners, alternate walking tours with bike rides.
Only then, knowledgeable people told about the passes without asphalt covering and open for passage. Therefore, it's better to prepare the route in advance.
After driving around the lake, I reached the long tunnel Munt la Schera
The length of the tunnel is 3,394 meters, the movement is organized reversibly, since only one lane. The sound in the tunnel is certainly gorgeous, I would like an intelligent straightforward, but even without its standard exhaust, the Goose sounded quite interesting.
After passing the tunnel I appeared in Switzerland, a little more and will get to the hotel, to be honest somehow I began to feel tired of the serpentines. Slowly I began to get to the place of spending the night, judging by the reviews there is a gorgeous place.

With a smile entered the small town Ftan.
Ftan is a commune in Switzerland, in the Graubünden canton.
It is part of the district Inn. The population is 482 people.
At first I was mistaken with the street and went into a private house, the owner of the house explained that it was not a hotel and sent to the right street.
Its mistress was already leaving the hotel, but left an envelope on the door where it was written:
welcome to our hotel.
Your room is number 3, the key of the room is in the envelope.
If you need, call% number phone%
By the way, the same key can open and other rooms of the hotel, for the sake of interest I checked.
The hotel itself is not big with a very beautiful interior, without any luxury and insanity cozy.
I checked in a wonderful single room with this kind of view:
Unpacked, checked in, took shower, changed clothes and went to explore the town
Surprising thing, there are cowsheds in the basement in many houses with real cows, I can't mix up this smell of fresh milk and hay
And again, there are many bicycles, and even electric bikes.
I cooked a meal, made tea and sat on the windowsill looking at the starry sky, the photo probably will not transfer all that beauty, but you can believe me it was one of the best evenings.

To be continued...
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