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"Brigadier". Logo, where does everything come from.

What can I tell you about the logo?
I noticed that the overwhelming majority of beginning "garage customizers", among other things, do not have a clear idea of ​​what they want as a result in the process of their alterations. It means there is no concept, the main idea.
The concept allows us to catch the main details from the "motorcycle ocean", necessary in a particular project, which are the basis of our whole and harmonious image. And the logo here is graphic visualization of your idea.
A few years ago, in the forest, I found a skull of a bull (or a cow). It was big, beautiful, washed by rain and one-third grown in the ground. Upon closer examination, I realized that if you can throw away existing image of a skull (formed by centuries), it turns out that it is excellent in design, ingenious in technology and expertly executed piece of art! Since then it has become an integral part of the interior in my workshop.
And when something was missing in the final formation of the image of the motorcycle, I saw it and it's all starting to make sense.
Instead of horns - an inverted handlebar (as an attribute of vintage bobbers and racer cafes), and a gear, as a tribute to mechanics. I just wanted to stress by its "marginal style" that the motorcycle is on the border of styles, made with taste.
Making process.
I developed a logo in electronic form. Stickers were made in the printing company. Attached on dried paint. In order to make it older the paint here and there covers the image. After all, it is covered with matte varnish.
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