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Dnepr Brigadier, life after assembly

The newborn motorcycle got a missing electrician, took oily baths, took a sip of gasoline, got hooked and drove off.
As I expected, the most touching moment in the creation of a motorcycle is when it is assembled in the right order, soulless pieces of iron, rubber bands, wiring and glass, suddenly come to life.
The fact that it was ready to become scrap metal, with some effort, starts to live and give joy. And for the first time after the assembly the engine is heard, and it is the best reward for a spent piece of life, for non-healing abrasions and cuts on hands that do not wash.
After the motorcycle was engaged, it was required to adjust the clutch, brakes, electr. ignition, carburetor.
Fears for a heavily inclined carburetor, were not entirely justified. For sufficient filling of the float chamber with gasoline, the float had to be adjusted.
And at an air temperature from 0 to +5 degrees, I put a plastic bag to limit the air supply and the motor revived.
At the first test drive it became clear that I would have to adjust my seat-wing. On the particularly deep irregularities, the rear wheel touched it. I will remind you that I made it from fiberglass, having traveled this way for a couple of days, I determined the optimal form, I turned it over. For durability and color support for wheels, I glued the edge of the copper tube.
(I wanted to say about the wheels that this is a primer, an auto paint, a two-component varnish).
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