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Aviemore, Scotland 2019

Heading home from Thunder in the Glen Dunedin Chapter.
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  • Elizabeth Dec 02 18:54 GTM
    White horse. is that what you call bike?
    • Martin Brennan Dec 02 20:57 GTM Replied to Elizabeth
      Hi Elizabeth, don’t really understand what your comment means?
    • Martin Brennan Dec 02 21:00 GTM Replied to Elizabeth
      Ahhhh, do I call it white horse, never thought of a name - white horse it shall be called, she’s 20 years old - very old horse, lol.
  • Martin Brennan Dec 02 21:07 GTM
    Thank you, my pride and joy. I’m just completing a bagger HD so that should be ready for next summer for touring. What is your ride and are you from the UK?
    • Elizabeth Dec 02 21:12 GTM Replied to Martin Brennan
      I am from USA, I have sport bike S1000RR but you can open my profile) I have more information in my profile)
  • Martin Brennan Dec 02 21:17 GTM
    My bikes are shipped from USA accident damaged and then given new lease of life. Mostly from Arlington, Texas. That’s me added you and now a follower, your bikes are tooooooooo fast for me.
    • Elizabeth Dec 02 21:29 GTM Replied to Martin Brennan
      are you buying at auction? I know a couple of guys who do the same thing, they send them to Ukraine
  • Martin Brennan Dec 02 21:22 GTM
    Do you ride like Greggs bike, awesome machine but scary as hell!!
  • Martin Brennan Dec 02 21:34 GTM
    A bit of both, the way the economy is going it’s not as lucrative as it was. The Sterling to Dollar not strong so need to be wise on any future purchases ref shipping costs and how much damage to bike, then when it arrives to rip of Britain I’ve got tax and vat also to pay, grrrrrrrrrr.
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