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Kawasaki - GTR Concours 14

Rating: +4
Engine 1352 cm3 (155 hp)
Motorcycle 2008 release, was acquired in 2007
Kawasaki GTR
Opinion owner
Kawasaki's finest mile eater!
Owner: banditrider, Aug 07 2017 10:34 AM GTM
The last entry in the motoblog
  • Nelsom Paulino Feb 15 17:30 GTM
    Beautiful GTR!
  • banditrider Nov 22 09:13 GTM
    I don't come here very often ;)

    Bike now is 11 years old and nearly 154,000km. Zero issues :)
    • M.R.U. Nov 22 22:06 GTM Replied to banditrider
      We have not updated the site for a long time because we are working on apps.
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