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October trip to the mountains, photo session before the first snow. Part 2.

In the second part of the photo report, we go down to the valley, the case to the sunset and autumn just glows with the colors of the setting sun, an absolutely magical atmosphere stops the time, everything drowns in a soft amber haze and the sun's rays making their way from under the clouds. Through the open visor of the helmet, the smell of autumn breaks in, it's not just the smell of fallen leaves and burning fires, there's a lot more in it, you can smell it all the time, just before the snow, it mixes incredibly the last warm days, not a bright cooling sun and yet bold, barely perceptible breath of winter, which the wind brings from the mountain ranges, bound by eternal ice. We constantly stop and endlessly take pictures, at the source decided to "watch" the sunset and only then move to return, since there is no light at all.

Somehow, although in fact, everything is much more impressive, that's just not my photos, no words can not express this, but it's better than nothing. :)
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