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A trip to the fog on the high plateau.

Hello everyone, I continue to describe my rare enduro-raids of the 15-year season. One of the really memorable trips, the weather that day was quite cloudy, it was going to rain and fog, and going to a plateau in this weather is risky for two reasons, the first visibility can be 2 meters and we will not see absolutely anything (neither photos nor beautiful species), the second, the fog is a tricky thing, you can get lost with it, even if you seem to know everything like your own five fingers. But, nevertheless, we went, the weather was incredible, I did not see such magnificent cloudy landscapes for a long time, many kilometers of fogs stormed the plateau, it was completely covered with a cloud, it showed fantastic views floating in the sea of ​​clouds of mountain peaks. I managed to take a number of interesting photos.

On the way back we met wonderful guys. Hope, it wasn't our last trip.
Sometimes, the visibility was very low, which created stunning pictures.
Well, that's all about this trip) stay with me))
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