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A bit of fantastic summer moto-sunsets.

What could be better than an epic summer sunset in a magnificent place? Only the sunset in a magnificent place to which you have to go only 20 km. (on asphalt!), and not standing in traffic in the city :) (although for someone the account is not on hours, but on days). Having decided to ventilate a little after work, I take a thermos of herbal tea, the camera, sat down on a motorcycle, and to 8 p.m. I go on the Shajatmaz plateau (altitude 2100m above sea level), in front of me there are 4 observatories and one of the most fantastic species on Elbrus. On the way I meet a friend returning from a trip, we go up to the plateau together. There will be photos immediately from two trips, there is really nothing to comment on here (except perhaps a huge meteorite that I did not have time to photograph, being late literally for half a second), so just watch the photos.
Here at this place a hefty meteorite was not photographed, I was late for a second probably, even the hand in the frame remained which shows it. The white lines show the scale of this miracle.
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