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Moto trip to the Bermamyt plateau (2600 meters).

it's time to post my next trip, I can safely call it grandiose, the reason is very simple, we left when there was a blue sky above, there were stunning clouds and thunderstorms when we arrived, and left again under the hurricane with a fantastic twist in the sky (previously this was seen only in movies, but when it spins overhead it becomes a bit uncomfortable). It was cool :-)
And so let's move, we are at the entrance to the plateau, the weather is still good, but slowly the sky is tightened with the clouds. The views are really fantastic.
Having lost 20 minutes in this place, it was possible to find here such a pretty stone (most likely it is quartz) and it does not represent a particular value, but it comes down to memory :-). Just here you can easily find semiprecious stones (pomegranate, amethyst and much more), as well as petrified ammonites. We have already allocated a separate day for a small expedition with excavations to such places.
Arriving on the plateau, we found out that the weather is rapidly deteriorating, the ridge and Elbrus are clouded and it began to rain, while somewhere far away (it looks fantastically beautiful). The sky above us is divided into 2 parts, behind the blue and almost cloudless, in front of us it is a menacing, lightning-ridden lightning.
Sometimes such fancy castles floated overhead.
At some point, I realized that the half-sky above my head rotated, turning my head, I did not believe what I saw. A huge funnel swirled over us, lightning flashes, ice drops turning into hail, I remember saying to a friend: "Look, what beauty, you can not even see that if we do not get out of here on time." We began to hurry up.
The road back was difficult, the rain, the hail, the washed road, the lightning just above our heads, at some point we just decided to stop and leaving our backpacks with the phones near the motorcycles went away, as the chance to get lightning rapidly increased, we were soaked, shaking and eventually we got it wrong with the road and got lost.
In these conditions, the consumption increased strongly and we returned home with almost empty fuel tanks.
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