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What can the mototourist see in Saxony for 3-4 days?

Germany provides a lot of excellent quality of secondary roads (landstraße), passing through the most beautiful lands, and no one will remain indifferent. It is safe to ride even for novice motorcyclists.
For me, the embodiment of the beauties of the German land was Saxony, including the magnificent Dresden. It's no wonder that almost every weekend I rode a lot of kilometers, repeatedly sending my KTM away from the boring, sleek Bavaria with its nervous drivers towards the Czech or Polish border, where the situation is always so joyful and peaceful, and where almost every motorcyclist wants to say hello. Nowhere else I met such welcoming and responding to greetings people, and I have visited many places.
When the new work was finally found on the other side of the globe, I went exactly to Saxony to say goodbye to Germany. I really want to remember only good things, right? It is possible that my travel notes will be useful to those who plan to visit those regions and are lazy to leaf through the guidebooks.
Since at the time of the trip I knew that I was going to New Zealand and transporting the motorcycle there was expensive and pointless, I managed to sell KTM and traveled as the second number on the racially loyal BMW 1200GS Adventure of my friend Chris. During three days we made rides to various locations, choosing them randomly on the map. We managed to see Dresden, Bad Muskau, Königstein, Pillnitzer, Moritzburg, Meissen, Bastei, Honstein, Cromlow, Stolpen. The kilometrage in this case was not very large, since everything is very compact.
Palace and park Bad Muskau - cities on the border of Germany and Poland
The border with Poland in Bad Muskau - you have a chance go or go back even a hundred times. It's funny that my first constant moto-companion in New Zealand was the Pole. Probably, the Universe decided to give me a piece of those sunny days and places for me not to feel so bad on another planet.
Basalt bridge near Kromlau - almost Iceland!
Bastai and surroundings - tourist Mecca of Saxony. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend to visit it.
The view of the Elbe from the cliffs of Bastaya
A tram walking along the reserve of Saxon Switzerland, along the banks of the river and waterfalls. If there were no motorcycle and time restrictions, I would love to ride!
Königstein Castle, where we got to the concert of the ASP group. Oh, how I miss such music in New Zealand!
Actually, the concert itself. I wonder how long I will see nothing gothic and industrial? It happens that I even doubt that all this was a reality
In Saxony, no one particularly cares about the parking of motorcycles, unless they interfere with the passage very much.
Meissen. Here Chris starts, in my opinion, completely brake the rules of parking, taking the bike places. Since there are almost no criminals in those parts, we simply leave all the equipment, fixing it on the bicycle lock.
The gardens of the Pillnitzer Palace are the most expensive of the sights visited.
Steep ladders of the castle Honstein, in the territory of which it is allowed to enter only cyclists and ... motorcyclists, and inside there is even a store of motor-inventory. The only moto shop in the castle, which I met in my life!
And, finally, Dresden, reconstructed after bombing at the very end of World War II
Fortress Stolpen - the last thing we visited for that long weekend.
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