Day 2 - Tumby Bay to Fowlers Bay - 605 kms

Lucky for me and unlucky for you today was fairly eventful which gave me a full day of just thinking up stuff. One thing that I found my self unconsciously doing was the raised two finger salute to those I passed by on remote stretches of highway. This age old sign of respect for fellow intrepid adventurers seems to be universal across time and continents. I remember when I first learned it on a dirt road in southeast Idaho. When my father gave the salute to an oncoming pickup from our 1980's Jeep Cherokee I asked him why he did it. He responded "Because that's what you do". Before I was old enough to question it I immediately accepted it and began to do it myself when we were off the beaten path. Fast forward 25 years and I was thrilled to see that this custom also existed in Australia once you left the safety of populated areas. Unfortunately it is difficult to do with your throttle hand (Driving on the other side of the road down here) and my first few salutes resulted in rapid deceleration. After a few 100k's of practice I have mastered the wave without losing any speed. Well done Chris and the custom lives on.
Today was much warmer and more pleasant with no unintended body or bike contact with the road. I made my way down to Port Lincoln and although the water looked tempting all the Great White Cage Diving signs kept me out of the water. I stopped in another town called Streaky Bay where I sat down for lunch next to a group of Australians that looked about my age. If you have seen "Straya Day" on YouTube they sounded just like it and if you haven't seen it, see it. I figured they might know a good placed to camp but when I asked they responded "Get out me country poof or I'll glass ya!" I'm not sure what that meant but I roughly translated it to "The camping is better in the next town". I made my way to Fowlers Bay which is a tiny old whaling town on the edge of a sand dune that looks like it will swallow it in a year or two. When I asked if there was anywhere that serves food they laughed and said "we're remote, we only get food deliveries three times a week by truck and we're out". After another dinner of canned tuna I climbed the dune and counted ~15 buildings in the whole town. It should be a quiet night.
Milleage: 605 km
Price: 0.00$
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