Day 3 - Fowlers Bay to Cocklebiddy - 696 kms

Today I rode across a good part of the Nullarbor which in Latin means no trees. This is true and it would be an amazingly boring trip if you only stayed on the main road. Luckily I have an adventure bike and an excess of self confidence so I took a few side roads to see the sights. The coastline alternates between shear 200' cliffs and pure white sand dunes right up against the water. Every place I stopped had me wishing I had a better camera and I was a better fotografer. After exploring every side road I could I realised I needed to make some forward progress so I hit the highway for a few hours. To make up for my Day 1 Brian Adams I stuck with rock and metal all day. "I'm a Cowboy......on a Steel Horse I Ride!, I'm Wanted..wanted...Dead or Alive!" That one really hit it home except my horse is made of orange plastic. Ohh well. For some odd reason I decided to take a 1 1/2 hour detour to the Eyre Bird Observatory. It's odd because I don't like birds and I definitely wouldn't spend my time observing them. In the end my sixth sense proved correct and I found some of the best offload trails of the trip so far. I blasted straight past the observatory and was running the bike as hard as I dared until it developed a worrisome rattle and I figured I should head for smoother trails. In an effort to squeeze in every kilometre I could I passed multiple nice campgrounds in picturesque settings and somehow ending up in Cocklebiddy. I'm sure there's a wiener joke there some where so I'll leave it up to you guys. After paying $25 for a campsite I asked where it was and was directed to the area right behind the fuel pumps. I had thought it was a truck turnaround but I guess an oil stained dirt field is as good a place as any to lay out my swag. I chose a nice spot next to some rocks that must have fallen off a truck as I thought this would reduce my risk of getting run over. At least if I do the guy will have bent rims from the rocks. This place seriously looks like "Wolf Creek" so if you don't hear from me in a couple days please come rescue me from the steel shed.
Milleage: 696 km
Price: 0.00$
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