Day 4 - Cocklebiddy to Caiga Beach - 649 kms

I guess I better come clean due to all the concerned emails I've been receiving. I may have exaggerated my comment "I'll glass ya!" a little bit. The nice guys (and girls) from Streaky Bay were just talking about who they beat up last time they got drunk and how they were going to steal a car back from a local drug addict. My apologies. From now on 100% of most of what I'll say will be true. After waking up in fear every time I heard a truck rolling into Cocklebiddy I got up less than well rested. It had gotten pretty cold that night and all my gear, including my swag, were fairly wet with morning dew. I took advantage of the time waiting for my stuff to dry by taking a long shower. (I've actually taken a shower every day so far which surprises no one more than me) Being the first time I've seen a coin operated shower I stayed in there amused until I didn't have any coins left. Then back on the lonesome highway. After a few hours of riding I faced a junction in the road. Not a life changing decision but an actual junction with one path leading down an overgrown rutted road and the other paved safety to my nights destination. I decided to leave my fate in the hands of the girl behind the counter that I bought fuel and a sandwich from. When I asked about the dirt road she said she had never been down it but heard it was pretty bad. She said "You definitely don't want to take a motorcycle that way". I'm not a very good listener so what I heard was "blah blah blah blah blah blah TAKE A MOTORCYCLE THAT WAY!". Soon I was off and barreling down an unknown path to my destiny. My destiny turned out to be 200 kms of whooped out, rutted, gravely, sandy, dusty and slippery trail that damn near put an end to me and my bike. It was exactly why I bought this bike and started this trip. It was awesome! By throwing my caution to the wind I received; Two hundred kilometres of great offload riding. I reached my destination three hours faster. My chain lube can was already shaken up so I didn't have to shake it myself. Four close calls with the front end sliding more than the back. (That's bad) Very sore hands, back, neck and butt. I arrived in Esperance dusty and tired and found one of the most amazing beach setting I had ever seen. (See picture below) While admiring the view one of the locals walked up to me and had a helmet in his hand. Turns out he had the same bike parked right next to mine and I didn't even notice. We talked and he recommended a locals camping spot about 100 kms out of town. I found it with his detailed directions and after a few close calls in the loose sand I found a great spot right on the beach. The waves are so loud it is hard to hear myself type. This is F'ing awesome! Best day so far and a hugely upgraded camping spot.
Milleage: 649 km
Price: 0.00$
  • Jean Claude Feb 09 03:56 GTM
    The Australian Sea Lion is similar to the American Sea Lion except for the fact that it eats people.
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