Day 5 - Caiga Beach to Parry Beach - 567 kms

After a great nights sleep with waves crashing at my feet I got up and had breakfast. Crackers with cheese & pepperoni and one orange. Not exactly the breakfast of champions but I do the best I can. I packed my gear and got suited up thinking that nothing could go wrong when my bike just made clicky noises when I tried to start it. Damn, I left this iPad plugged in overnight and drained the battery. Lucky for me a nearby camper had one of those portable jump start packs and after I agreed that Australian football was better than American football he let me use it. The bike roared to life and I peeled out yelling NFL Rules! I referenced my "Road Tours of Australia" book that my mom gave me and found the Stirling Range National Park with a description of "Jagged Majestic Mountain Peaks". When I arrived I found them neither jagged or majestic and then realised that my perception of such things might be off after growing up in Colorado. There was however 60 kms of winding dirt roads through heavily wooded rolling hills which is about as good as it gets on this bike. I don't think I sat down or obeyed the recommended corner speed for the entire road. On the other side I entered the Mt. Barker wine region and for once I was actually a responsible wine taster and would try just a sip and then pour the rest out. The wines are very different than SA wines but equally good. After this is got Australia hot and I started shedding layers. In the end I was in my helmet, jacket, shorts and boots. Lots of people were staring at me as I passed through town and I thought they were admiring my cool bike until I realised the wind had blown my shorts up into a mankini and my white thighs were shining brighter than any reflective tape. I didn't care though because I was cool. Not cool as in hip but cool as in the opposite of warm and I was finally working on that upper thigh tan I'd been meaning to get. After a few dips in the ocean I pulled into a campsite at Parry Beach. The lady that took my camping fee was one of the oldest ladies I'd seen in a while and she was riding a four wheeler around. I only hope that when I'm that old my wife is riding a four wheeler instead of a boring electric wheel chair. Good on ya granny! I rolled out my swag and then noticed the snake sign above. I'm not sure if it means yield to snakes, snakes in this area or if it is just a nice picture of a snake someone wanted me to see. Either way I'm glad I paid that guy at the last campsite $50 to spray my sleeping bag with snake repellent.
Milleage: 567 km
Price: 50.00$
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