Day 7 - Parry Beach to Perth - 536 kms

I said goodbye to my new friends and headed to off. I found another dirt short cut between Walpole and Redcliffe and came to a sign about 30kms in that said "No Access, Road Impassable". Challenge Accepted! Now I'd like to tell you I had to jump my bike over a bridge that a flooding river took out but there was nothing that dramatic, just ruts and some old dried up mud holes. Not really sure you can call that Impassable. From there I made my way to Pemberton where they have massive trees you can climb. I went up the Bicentennial Tree which is 68 m (220 ft) tall. It a bit spooky as you are climbing on the metal spikes and you can see straight down to the forest floor. The view and phone reception were great at the top of the tree so I got caught up on some calls and voicemails that had built up. From there I started to head to Perth and the weather became warmer and warmer as I moved north. Now my outfit is all matte black and looks like an awesome combination of Mad Max and Nightrider. Unfortunately black is not the ideal colour choice for the sunny hot Australia summers days that I was riding through. I'll have to get a white outfit for the next leg and just accept the fact that I don't look as cool. Although I would kind of look like an Imperial Storm Trooper.... Sweet! I camped out in Fremantle for New Years and ended up at a small pub that was filled with bikies and a bunch of Irish guys that had just moved to AUS for work. I hung out with the Irish guys and did what I think were traditional Irish dances at New Years but things got a little blurry when I was trying to keep up with them. I made one of my not so frequent good decisions and put myself to bed at 12:30 and drank two litres of water. I woke up feeling better than expected and after putting my bike in storage and wrapping my fork tube in my swag (See day 1's fork seal failure) I went to the airport. I got the blankest of blank stares when I tried to explain what the fork tube was to the lady checking me in and she only let it through after I promised her there was no gasoline in it. I slept like a baby the whole way back to Adelaide. That's the end of the first leg of my trip. I'll earn some more money, let it cool off a bit in Australia and start the next part of my journey in a few months. See you then!
Milleage: 536 km
Price: 0.00$
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