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45000 km around Latin America, Ecuador, Colombia. Photo report.

So it coincided that the middle of our Pan American trip, both in time and in run, occurred in Ecuador. It was very symbolic to note the equator of the trip, standing in the middle between the two hemispheres.
On the speedometers of our motorcycles was already about 20 thousand km, most of them were traversed by primers and alpine roads, so Ecuador and Columbia with asphalt almost all along were perceived as a long-awaited vacation. In these countries we spent considerable time on the shores of the Pacific and the Caribbean, enjoying the warm ocean and the sun on the beaches.

Here is a "bounty" in the Caribbean Sea
In the Internet, they write a lot about the insecurity of being in Latin America, and especially in Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela. In my experience, I note that the threat of robbery and theft is always there, so you should not relax, but in life everything is much easier. If you follow the known safety requirements, do not shine with values, everything will be ok!
You should not be relaxed in large cities (as well as port and border). In small villages it is much safer and calmer. If you travel by motorbike - this is plus 10 to safety, it's harder to track down and you leave your troubled places faster.
Park in Cuenca, in which they built copies of famous buildings from around the world for children

The smoking top of the volcano in Bagnos
Equator calculated with GPS
At the equator you can place an egg on a nail
Church in Ipialis near the border of Ecuador-Colombia
Bogotá is a rather gloomy huge city, which brightens up a large number of variegated graffiti
Cartagena is the city of pirates))), a very beautiful and pleasant place
On the coast of the Caribbean Sea
Colombia, a cannabis bush near the police station :)

Travel, friends!!!
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