45000 km around Latin America: Venezuela, Brazil. Photo report. Part 1

So we left the homeland of Colombian drug traffickers, the country of evergreen thickets of marijuana and coca. Despite the fact that the media like to scare tourists with a bad situation in the country, everything is not so sad. Of course, the army block posts are every 2 km on the road, night bus robberies, partisans in the mountains, but in general it is quiet n Colombia. They did not try to rob us, although they noticed sometimes that they are looking at us for profit.The attitude is benevolent to tourists in Colombia, as in other countries of Latin America. We crossed the border in Maracaibo, a place is so-so. Deserted, poor and not interesting. On the Colombian side, along the roads, everyone trades in Venezuelan gasoline.
Venezuela as a whole is similar to Colombia, also the Caribbean Sea, the jungle and the mountains. It seemed to us that the most interesting places are the national park of Canaima and the surroundings of Barinas.

Sands in the area of ​​CoroCoast of the Caribbean SeaIn some places, the roads are like thisIt's not even favelas, but quite a safe areaTable mountains of the Canaima National ParkThe beginning of the road to RoraimuFor those wishing to visit Roraima in the mode of independent travel I will say that you can climb a mountain without a guide. They certainly try to impose their services, but if not to glare and partly ignore them, then everything is real. There are no posts on the way. On the mountain it is desirable to have a map and GPS, because in a fog you can really get lost.
It is necessary to climb through the jungleAt the top of RoraimaAfter Venezuela we went to Brazil, from which we already bought tickets home. In order to save money, part of the way we passed through Bolivia. To visit Bolivia, you need a visa, which can be done at the consulate in the border town. However, this time we did not succeed. When we came to the consulate we were told that the consul was busy and could not make a visa. We began to find out how long a busy, and so on, it turned out that he is on vacation for 2 weeks and apart from him no one we can not do a visa. We were not satisfied with this and as a result we decided to cross the territory of Bolivia illegally transit.
It is not a problem to enter the country, because the tourist decides whether to go or not to the border guards and, if desired, you can not put a stamp on the passport.
It's as easy to leave the territory of Bolivia as to enter.In Brazil, we decided to drive along the wonderful road 319 from Manaus to Porto Velho. In Google maps, this road is drawn large and beautiful, but there is no traffic due to lack of roadway. The authorities of Brazil promise to restore it for the last 10 years, but as usual there is no money for it. The situation is complicated by the fact that it is the Amazon basin and these areas are constantly flooding during the rainy season.To be continued...
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