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30000 km around North America: Mexico. Photo report p.2

When searching for moto, the choice fell on the enduro, which was presented in three models - Honda XR125, Yamaha XTZ125 and Mexican chinese Italika DM200. The Chinese fell off because of distrust of reliability, and the choice between Honda and Yama was determined by itself - in the Honda salon they promised to help put on the numbers. So, I became the owner of a small Honda.

On the way I visited the pyramids in Kobe, several cenotes, spent night near one abandoned cenote in the selva, listening to the trick of cicadas and other night inhabitants of the rainforest all night (I tried to count the number of different sounds but lost after 15), got in torrential rain, got wet and froze , and in the evening I reached Mérida, where, after a short search, I stopped at the hostel.
Honestly, I wasn't ready for the rainy season. I hoped that in case of wet weather, there would be enough clothes from the gortex. Not here... When you ride a motorcycle in a tropical downpour, it all gets wet in 5 minutes. Two days in the rain - it's wet and cold, despite the fact that the temperature is about 30.
Yucatan is full of all ancient Indian buildings, so the route was determined on the basis of the desire to see not only the cities and the countryside, but also these remnants of ancient civilizations. A special highlight of the peninsula are cenotes - underground lakes with cool and crystal clear water.
Almost all the pyramids I watched after 5-6 pm, I mean already after the closure. In this there are advantages - a good light at sunset and loneliness - there were not even those rare tourists who came to distant corners.
In large trips from north to south or from south to north, there is always an interesting feature - a change of climatic zones. In the morning you can languish with the heat, hide in the shade, dip into the cool waters of the river or the ocean, and in the evening, or even dinner, find yourself in a cold, wet uncomfortable place or even under the snow. Hot beaches are replaced by damp tropical forests, arid deserts turn into cold mountains. So it was now.
From the cool and rainy San Cristobal I drove to the dry and hot Tehuacan through Oaxaca, which is about 800 km, of which more than 500 are without straight stretches - serpentine mountains. Riding a motorcycle is something like mountain skiing, you have to shift from one side to the other. The first 50 km is interesting, the next hundred you get used to, then starts to exhaust. 300 km of continuous turns at a time is too much.
On the way in the dark it was hard enough to find a comfortable overnight stay, as a result I had to sleep in a tent in the first place I found. In the morning it turned out that the choice was perfect - mango grove (at night could not understand why the air is filled with a dense sweet and slightly sour smell). Breakfast was determined by itself - a selection of three varieties of ripe mango.
Orlando also goes hitchhiking

Good luck on the road
to be continued...
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