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Moto Guzzi - 1100 Sport

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Engine 1100 cm3 (105 hp)
Motorcycle 1997 release, was acquired in 2017
Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport
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MG V-Twin 1100 Sport, EFI, Will Creedon Chip, K&N air filter. This bike was sitting for seven years in the woods and under a tarp at her previous owners home. I cleaned the entire fuel system, and replaced all fuel hoses and the fuel pump. The gas tank had the be cleaned out on the inside, and all fuel tank sensors also needed to be replaced. I then serviced the engine with new filters and oil, adjusted the valves, serviced the gear box, drive shaft, and, and, and.... She runs great now, but she still needs a cosmetic restoration.
Owner: Andreas Boehme, May 20 04:18 AM GTM
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