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Sebspeed's 750 Slingshot

I've always wanted to build a slingshot... now I get to build 2!!
This one is a 1990 750. When I got it, it had already had 07 gixxer front and rear ends grafted on. The front looks legit and the rear is not bad, but incomplete.
Once I get the chain line straight and the rear wheel centered, I'll move on to fitting an R6 tail and an MT03 headlight.
The motor is going to be mostly stock, I'm adding k&n pods and a sidewinder header. Can tbd.
Also adding some modern controls, lots of braided hoses with fancy fittings, Koso speedo, and a paint job.
While I'm taking breaks from all of that, I'll be scrubbing the frame and swingarm with Scotch Brite to give them a nice satin brushed finish.This is how I got it:Sprockets a bit off
In order to straighten out the rear end, I started by getting the sprockets in line. To do that, I had to flush up the inside right frame rail. Nicey nice Chain is now straight
Time to find out where the wheel is
Only got a little in on this today, was in the paint booth working on CB900 case covers.
Got back and turned up the right side swingarm spacer. While I was hunched over the lathe I cleaned up a spare 22mm socket to prep for milling teeth later, will be the tool to tighten the swingarm nut.Sprockets arrived, fitted front
Need to trim the inside of the left frame rail to fit the arm, then mark out the frame for trim to fit chain run top and bottom.
Rear sprocket will be flipped so the relieved side fits against the wheel, this brings the chain .140" closer to the wheel/tire.
Hate to say it, but I got caught up in other things, only done a quick mockup of the tail.The seat will be a ton of work.
Finally got some hours in today. Removed 3" total from the subframe. 2" wasn't enough*.Will make for a nice transition line in the bodywork
Makes seat work easierTemplate for mounts
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