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Sebspeed's 750 Slingshot (part 7)

4 cans of brake cleaner, 1 can WD40, half a dozen rags, 2 toothbrushes, a Scotch Brite pad, 6 hours labor and my last few squirts of S100 to detail this motor.
Popped the side covers off and cleaned up the road rash on my little mill. 1" end mill made a nice finish.
Cut a couple holes for breather hose fittings while I had the cutter in.
Then added a little jewelry.
I can almost see it back in the frame...
Grungy parts before glass bead blasting.
Parts minus grunge. Primer tomorrow.
Primer on, forgot the pic.But I have other more interesting pics to make up for it.
Toying with tape, finding where to lay the other color.
Primer and satin black sprayed.
Think I've got the fender paint figured out.White above, silver below.
Shined up some bolts.
Brackets in place and frame taped.
I chucked the exhaust on for a peek, she's looking pretty bad ass IMO!
Finished out the subframe mounts with these.
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