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Sebspeed's 750 Slingshot (part 8)

Brake line retainer stolen from my XX arm and trimmed, I just had to sneak a Honda part into the build :P
That 1 job no one likes...
Now, about those holes in the clutch cover..
I would have got more done, but was distracted by this...
Chain slider required surgery to become useful once more.
New gaskets for the header and the 3 main case covers.
Rear suspension bolts trimmed and torqued (swingarm pivot not torqued yet in this pic).
I bead blasted the clutch cover and then shot it with self etch primer and Phantom black.
Little sticker bling for the oil cooler mount.
Grimy kickstand cleaned, extra brackets trimmed off, touched up paint.
Chain installed.
Catch can in primer, will be shot body color.
Carbs cleaned, rebuilt with K&L rubber & floats & Factory Pro stage 3 kit installed, (147 mains & #3 clip position).
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