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Sebspeed's 750 Slingshot (part 9)

Oiled the K&N filters and stuck them on for a look.
Oil lines tweaked to final position so they don't touch any part of the header
I probably could have used a slight bend vs straight fittings, but this will work.
Worked over a factory res mount to make it work here.
Chopped the factory countershaft cover to keep only the shift shaft support, cleaned/blasted/primed/painted.
Had to tweak the Chinese brake switch mount to make it work, done now.
Finally started on the wiring, looks like I'll be doing a lot of chopping...
Laid out the tape line for the color break on the tank and front fender.
White and silver, black pinstripe. Maybe some decals. Short on time for this build, so I'm actually paying my buddy to paint this for me. That kills me because I love to paint but there is no way I could do it all in this time frame. I might get to lay the last coat of clear, maybe...
New ignition mount.
Play a little catch up with pics before I go to bed
I did turn one of the broken taps into a straight drain. Got a couple offers for used working petcocks,so this will probably shift over to my turbo bike.
Bodywork in color. Well, kind of...I did get to shoot the final clear, I got to the shop in time to lay the pinstripes and the clear.
Single stage white, and I forgot which silver we mixed, but I tried to match the passenger footrests, and I think it was a good choice.
Catch can done in body color as well.

Gave the carbon heat shield for the swingarm a quick buzz with 320 before I ran up to the paint shop, doused it in clear with everything else. Add a little sexy wax and gtg.
Petcock mating surface (teehee) given a quick polish and a couple wipes of cold blue.
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