2007 GSX-R 750

My bike is a 2007 GSXR 750. Bought this one at the beginning of the year and instantly fell in love with it. The handling is great, even though it is stretched, i was surprised at that. The power compared to my old bikes is amazing. There is power everywhere in rpms. What the 600s lack the 750 more than makes up for. Since the only difference between the 600 and 750 is the engine, it sits on the same frame and parts as the 600. Everything on this bike is perfect. Ive had 600s and 1000s and this is a perfect mix of weight, handling and power. You arent sitting at higher rpms on the highway like a 600 and you dont have all that extra power or have the bike feel like its not living like a 1000 in city traffic. Its perfect for everything.
Milleage: 34 214 ml
Price: 6000$
  • Saad Hany May 16 22:31 GTM
    you built it? or just bought it?
    • Joseph Washington May 17 03:02 GTM Replied to Saad Hany
      The engine i built. Previous owner did the stretch.
      I did another post with the modifications.
    • Test Acc Oct 14 22:04 GTM Replied to Saad Hany
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    • Test Acc Oct 14 22:07 GTM Replied to Saad Hany
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