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winters here now!

So as my first winter with a big bike has officially set in this weekend with temperatures below freezing overnight and through the day it's barely reached above 4 in my back yard I set upon cleaning and tightening the chain on my bike..

Not really posted much as there's not much to report about, aside from the usual wanker taxi drivers who just switch lanes in front of you, and the road works and cyclists who like to hog the middle of the lane rather than staying to the left as much as possible!

So I det to work today cleaning the weeks grit, crap, wet weather and shocking conditions off the bike and spraying TC200 and giving the chain a good clean with a toothbrush and wd40 then applying pink bubblegum smelling liquid on to protect it. (can't remember it's name but Its smell reminds me of hubba bubba chewing gum.
Decided then to adjust the chain as there was a little too much play in it for my liking. So back down to the 1.5inch (give or take a little) play at the tightest part.

Was bloody cold and although I'm aching already for the winter to be over, I hate keeping the bike outside covered up, I've now shelter for it though with a small yard and house,
So it has a foil camping cover wrapped around a warm engine, then a further two covers on top.

Let's just hope it starts tomorrow for the gritted road ride to work again..

Stay safe everyone!
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