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actually gutted!

Well this happened in my way home from work.. Dunno if its a right off but safe to say I'm not biking for a while so it gets sorted,
She didn't want me to go through insurance but not realising there's a vehicle stopped in front of you even when he sees you coming and flashes the brake light is your own fault. Sat in the cold waiting for a recovery vehicle now.
Not happy!
Alice though so that's a bonus.
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  • Gary Serrata Dec 13 17:33 GTM
    Ride safely! the main thing is that you're okay
  • Lee Ward Dec 13 19:44 GTM
    I'd stopped as traffic stopped quickly, the woman just didn't stop and ran straight into me. How I stayed on I'll never know. Bike fell afterwards was OK at the time but feel a bit sick and aching now.
    • John Notyre Dec 15 03:30 GTM Replied to Lee Ward
      I had someone skid past me and come within inches of hitting me today. on the 8th I was rear ended also on my Grom. my back has been killing me . stay safe my friends.
      • Lee Ward Dec 16 18:46 GTM Replied to John Notyre
        I fail to understand how some people even get a licence.. I can drive buses, tractors with trailers, bikes and cars. Yet constantly see people who are so incompetent they should not be on a road.
  • LaDark Dec 13 19:50 GTM
  • Lee Ward Dec 16 18:50 GTM
    Still waiting to see if she accepts liability straight away or if she wants to drag it on and on..
    Spoken with solicitors as my back isn't good and getting worse as the days pass.. Hopefully get physio to sort it out as well. Sounds bad but I hope she can't afford to drive after this as she clearly is more interested in other things rather than driving.
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