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On the lakes of Europe in July 2017. Part 2

Day 5
Quickly went to the Austrian Mondsee, it is about 400 km. I drove 4.5 hours, and on the way to the Munich highway there was a small strange traffic jam. For no apparent reason, the flow slowed down and began to drag on 30 km / h, and after about 20 minutes flew again. There was no accident or repair there. On a three-lane highway, I usually rode in the middle row with the speed of the stream. This is approximately 135-138 km / h. The German highways are good.
By 3 p.m. I got to Mondsee, and the check-in was only from 5 p.m.. I put a bike at the hotel and walked to the lake.
The town is the same as in Germany, clean, nice houses, flower beds, paving stones.
Mostly Austrians and Germans rest here.
Then, after I checked in and changed clothes, went to the beach. It is paid here (from 3 to 9 euros), but with amenities, mainly for tourists with children. Various inflatable structures float, for example, a large trampoline, a swing and a hill (5 meters high), which can be climbed. It’s really cool for children, if their parents have enough money, of course.
I was there for an hour, although it was already a bit late and cool (water +24, air +18). I took a walk in the center, had dinner, and when I returned to the hotel it was raining and it got colder.
Day 6
In the morning it was cloudy and cool, after midday the sun began to show itself, and I went to Hallstatt, this is such an interesting town on the Hallstatt lake. It was only 50 km. I rode well through the Austrian villages, the asphalt is good, it’s beautiful around. There are snake-like turns, it seems local like to ride on them.
The Hallstatt itself is full of tourists, there is nowhere to get cars. But with a motorcycle this problem is always solved easier.
I looked the town, took photos and returned to Mondsee. I went swimming there. The air was not warm, but at least it was sunny.
Day 7
When paying in the hotel all three of my cards were rejected, although in the restaurant in the same Mondsee everything was fine. Then I pulled out the reserve cash - 500 euro banknote. They don’t like to accept such money in Europe, but in that situation it was accepted without problems.
In general, I liked both Mondsee and Bamberg and recommend everyone to visit.
Before Schaffhausen drove without problems, well, except the rain, but it wasn’t strong.
It was really pleasant to ride on the highway, the only thing was that I arrived at 3, and I could check in only at 5 p.m. Up to 4 walked around the hotel. I also had concerns about parking for a bike, the hotel in the center of the town didn’t have its own parking. It turned out, in front of the hotel there was a paid parking for cars and free for bicycles and motorcycles.
Having checked in, went to the Rhine waterfall, it was 4 km on foot.
It's a funny thing, but after Plitvice's waterfalls it's hard to surprise me. Then I walked around the city, looks good, but Mondsee was nicer.
There is a certain structure called Minot, a stand-alone tower with a large platform at the top.
In general, prices in Switzerland are much higher than in Germany.
Day 8
I had to go to Annecy through Switzerland, on the highway Salzburg-Munich-Zurich-Bern-Geneva. The weather was good, the asphalt was beautiful, like the song.
There are recreational areas with a modern free toilet.
However, after Geneva, when I almost reached Annecy, the navigator began to guide me on some complicated route, through a bunch of intersections with roundabouts. And the signs on Annecy are shown in one direction, and it leads me to another and there was a roundabout each 1-2 km. Finally I realized - I turned off the permission to use toll roads. And the navigator drove me an hour and a half on secondary roads in order not pay for the highway, which I would have reached in 15 minutes. I think that I spent more on gasoline than saved. It's good that there was a time reserve because of the fast drive along the highway to Geneva.
By the way, I learned that in Switzerland they also traveled between the rows. At 2 p.m. I drove up to the hotel, and half an hour later I went for a walk.
Annecy stands on Annecy Lake and a river flows through the city to the lake. There is the historical center in this place.
The overwhelming majority were French, well, French Arabs. Tourists from Asia were fewer than in Bamberg. On the lake there was also a crush from different rolling and personal floats. Somewhere probably there was a beach, but I did not have time and a great desire to look for it.
Large groups of bikers were passing by, probably because of Saturday and good weather.
I walked along the center and the embankments of the river and lake for a long time.
In general, I liked Annecy.
A week of vacation passed and I rode half the route, now I would go towards my home.

To be continued…
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