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Yamaha - XS 650 Makarne

Rating: +1
Engine 650 cm3 (0 hp)
Motorcycle 1980 release, was acquired in 2015
Yamaha XS 650
Opinion owner
De-tabbed the frame, put on custom front and rear fenders, added smaller Daytona indicators, and installed a Triumph rear tail light. The seat pan was re-shaped to hide the battery and electronics underneath the seat, including the PAMCO ignition system, new alternator, regulator/rectifier, and a new anit-gravity lithium battery. The tank was restored and painted to match the untouched engine and the front forks have been over-hauled with new seals, and fork gators, and each exhaust header with new cocktail shaker tips.
Owner: Anthony Mackenzie, Feb 13 2018 04:35 AM GTM
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