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Adventures of YB125 in Chile, part 8

Highway number five - the so-called Pan-American Highway in Chile. Even despite all the comfort of coexistence with Chilean drivers on the road, Ruta 5 quickly bothers ... In Chile, there are almost no alternative roads stably running along it, so we have to dive deeper (then to the left, then to the right) and inevitably return to the blue bar on the map . But these lapels ... The country finds its unforgettable appearance, its beauty there...
After hundreds of kilometers through the desert wastelands, there is nothing more beautiful than the huge green trees, than the thickets in which the golden sun is entangled, before extinguishing beyond the horizon. Patagonia is getting closer. The sun sets after 9 - happiness! Echo from the singing of birds in green crowns ...

Chile is such a strange, unusual country on our way :) Sometimes it starts to seem that it is "made" exactly from the same materials as ours, but with a completely different approach. The brain breaks down from a mixture of Spanish, blueberries and raspberries, birch trees and stunning snowy mountains, low mountains and surfing.

Course at the National Park of Congio. On the other side of Panamericana, we looked at the sharp, shining peak of the volcano and thought, if only it was it, Yayima. And it turned out that this is it. Our road wriggled, but led nevertheless to it.

The National Park of Congio from the first of its approaches fell into the heart, in the category of "special", along with Sequoia (USA) and Huaskaran (Peru).
Kongyio is practically the only corner of our planet in which one can look literally at the forest, which differs little from the forest 200 million years ago. The reason for this is the incomparable Araucaria. Chileans are proud of this tree in the same way that Colombians have wax palms, and here - Araucaria is a national symbol and the property of the country. It's understandable :) Travelling is priceless!
Yayima is a severe volcano, as it gives life to thousands of araucarians, and it takes it just as easily. But it has ruled wisely for thousands of years, distributing rivers, changing their channels, creating lakes and a unique landscape and ecosystem.
The shape of the umbrella araucaria is acquired only after 500 years of life. Some trees are two thousand years old.
Vilarika volcano
In Frutiar, we were arranged to work for two weeks on one of the berry plantations. One of the pros - you can eat as much as you like! And another plus - we fulfilled our old dream - to touch the pase deal.
The lands of Frutiyar are owned only by the wealthy heirs of the first settlers and the heirs of the rich second-hand dealers. Basically, local farmers rent land from them. On the grounds, to this day, there are mansions aged 50-100 and over. Someone from the heirs lives in them constantly, someone comes only for the summer and the weekend. These houses are like silent time guard:) Thoughtful, comfortable, sound, with cellars, and spacious verandas, overlooking the lake and volcanoes.

Next time we'll tell you about Patagonia) Stay with us!
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