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Adventures of YB125 in Chile, part 9

I'll continue talking about our trip to South America with my wife.
After staying in Frutiyar, where we walked near the volcano Osorno and rode around the neighborhood, we gathered on the farm and ate raspberries, strawberries, honey, blueberries, we went to Carretere Austral - the famous road to Chilean Patagonia, which many travelers consider one of the most beautiful roads of the world.
Over a record hot week, the glaciers of the volcano were noticeably melted. Thousands of streams run sparkling water along its slopes. If you look at a volcano nearby, on a sunny day, it may seem that it is decorated with rain.


Patagonia has begun. We traveled from north to south and asked the Chileans "is it Patagonia?", In response they heard "noooooo! Well, nooo! Patagonia is there, in the south! "After Puerto Monta we stopped asking ... And ... Patagonia began. Quietly, insinuatingly, not without mysticism. The mountains have become a little closer, higher, the air is cooler, the water is bluer, the trees are bigger ...
Next photo asks to be named, but still can not think of anything. It seems it's time to create a classification of thermal springs :)
every time we feel a slight trembling on the way to the next term. What will they be like? But this time this is exactly not expected))
If you want hot, dig up a hole a little deeper.
Dp you want massage with hot volcanic sand? The main thing is not to get burned by scraping it from the bottom.
Do you want to warm up a certain part of the body? Find the sand for the right temperature :)
A small blue river beach, dug hot holes ... One has only to think that you saw a lot, the world takes out of its pocket another surprise.
At some point, the fjords began. They are so different.
In Chile there are two pranks: here you can buy water sources and you can not buy any beach. Therefore, if someone bought a river, then all who use its water should pay for it to the owner, but even if you buy an island, you can not close it and any person can land on the beach of your island. Actually, because, probably, almost every waterfall on our way is private.
You can not believe your eyes, but reality will not stop to be a reality)
Plantations of mussels, other mollusks and crabs. Recently learned where the huge salmon come from in the markets of Chile. First they are grown in lakes and then taken to salt water, along the way, feeding with tranquilizers and increasing the salinity of the water. Then, in these fjords, the salmon works up their appetite, and its meat turns red. In Chile it is forbidden to keep such fish farms in the same places for more than a certain time. Farms move from lake to lake and from coast to coast every 7 years, according to the Chileans.

We'll continue next time) stay with us!
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