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Adventures of YB125 in Chile, part 10

Let's continue!

At some point the time stopped on our way. It was a moment that now resembles a quiet contemplative movie. It was a meeting with giant larch trees. We were both surprised at the way they looked. These trees live up to three thousand years.
Slowly, the traversed roads plait one long, ours. Many kilometers of the Trans-Siberian Railway, the hot Australian highway number one, pieces of the American 66th, almost all the long and colored Panamericana, precious inclusions of salt roads and Inca roads, are already woven into it, and now ... Now it's time to weave Carreuter Auustr. By right this way carries the proud title of one of the most beautiful roads in the world. But these pieces of dusty gravel ... Ooooo
There is a lot of water here. Perhaps, we have not seen so much water (on earth). Salty, fresh and almost always clean.
To our surprise, Carreter Austral is filled with hitch-hikers. Sometimes it seems that there are more pile drivers than machines. Still, there are a lot of bicyclists on this road, there are even some special copies - paired or with carriages, pedal trailers for children, and of course all kinds of variations of cars from quite ordinary urban, to heaped up, hand-made expeditionary and houses on wheels!
Some fjords keep many secrets, well, for example, thermal springs, which can only be reached by boat or airplane.
What a cold summer they have here! But the winters are warm and there is no snow (well, only one-time snowfalls, without large drifts).
Chilean Highway number 7, it is Carretera Austral, leads travelers into a fairy tale. Here you can still believe that our world can get pass destruction ... That means that we have not completely destroyed all the most beautiful things in it.
There is an opinion that glaciers owe their color to minerals from the rocks on which they rest. But this is not so. At least simply because the ice is almost distilled water. And the true reason for the color lies in the age of the glacier. Over time, the ice becomes denser, it affects the refraction of light in it. And here is the glacier Kolgante in the park Keulat - very ancient, inexorably disappearing and stunningly beautiful.

And it's not the end...) we'll continue!
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