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Adventures of YB125 in Chile, part 11

We are going further)

Once again we meet condors in Chile. On that cold morning, about 7 condoms were slowly gaining height, among them was a family with a young teenager in a chocolate plumage, the rest are all adults. When a condor whirls high in the sky, its sizes are difficult to estimate, but when they are still warming up, they fly over the cows, the span of their wings is longer than the adult animals.

There was an "adventure" with us, because of which we had to slow down. In Santiago, we changed the back cover, since the old one was almost erased. But the choice of models in the capital of Chile was small, we went on about the sellers and bought a Pirelli model, which began to fail after the first 300 gravel kilometers on the Carreter Austral, because it was not off / on-road, but more urban.
I had to go veeeeeery cautiously and at a speed of 30-40 km per hour. Sometimes 20 km per hour. And it only got worse and worse.
Sometimes we traveled only 50 kilometers per day, we did not have an extra camera to be replaced, and the one that stayed had 3 holes already and it was necessary to wait the night for the patch to get stuck and it was possible to go further. It's good that we have a tent with us!
I admit, when we only bought a motorcycle in Peru, I knew very little about it. And one of the fears was to pierce the wheel. Who would have known that with a spanner and a screwdriver I had to dismantle the rear wheel 12 times that month in Patagonia! When you are in the middle of "nowhere", where in the nearest village there are no necessary spare parts, and there is no place to order (there is no right tire in Santiago), only the beloved, beautiful nature and patience save and support you.
In the next photo, it may seem that it's smoke, but ... It's just dust blown out of the riverbed by a furious wind. The local people say "today it's windy little, but further to the south the wind will be stronger." So, now our road has a distinct taste of dust. This taste has everything you eat on the road: pears and bananas, porridge, water ...
Traces of ancient cultures in Chile is a rarity.
These traces of hands are more than three thousand years old. No one knows until now the reason why they are here, but the huge sections of the rock wall and to this day are covered with a variety of palms, large, small, in negative technique and painted in a positive. It's hard to call art, there is not a bit of complexity in it, but the realization that this wall was touched by someone's hands for so long ... The presence of a trace is almost equal to the presence of those who left it ...
Patagonia is the best place to break away from reality, and a motorcycle is the best way to travel through Patagonia.
Marble grottoes! This is a very popular tourist object. However, until the end it was not believed that this is really marble. And now we touched it))) wow! This is real marble!
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