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Adventures of YB125 in Brazil. Part 6

Iporanga is famous for its stunning scale of karst caves. More than 350 of them are located in the territory of national and regional parks and entered into the register. But they say that in fact there are more than four hundred. This agglomeration of karst caves is the largest not only in Brazil, but also in the world (up to now no one has challenged this fact) and in essence is a real speleological paradise.
The next town on our way is Parachi. Parachi (the historical center in particular) seems to be one of the most stylish colonial cities that we have seen. Very holistic, thought out as a whole. Its refinement in simplicity, ease in color combinations of details and general white. A very real historical city, it's hard to explain, but sincere or something. Without the touristy, without blowing and falseness. Everything is as it is, as it was ...
Well, hello the hot coast, where the fish is not only traded for export, but like hundreds of years before - ordinary fishermen catch it to make old recipes. Mokka is a dish of black Brazilian-Africans, as all genius is very simple, like everything simple - incredibly tasty. A fresh sea fish is fried on fresh red palm oil in a clay pot with vegetables. And then add the coconut milk.
The coast south of Rio up to the serpentine on Sao Jose dos Campos is a conglomeration of green islands, coves and mountains, approaching directly to the water. Some kind of paradise. Is this all one country? Our most frequent rhetorical question.
And now we reached Rio de Janeiro! An unusually beautiful city.
We did not understand at all what it's like to live in this city. To deal with his everyday problems, face the truth, see everything, understand its essence. We just started getting to know him. And this does not prevent to recognize with all responsibility - this is the most beautiful city on earth. It does not fit in your head that everything you love is in one place: mountains, sea, rocks, forests, beaches, trails, squares, ships and yachts planes, bridges, trams, architecture, markets ... They say that life is not enough to learn Rio. It's true…

To be continued....
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