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Adventures of YB125 in Brazil. Part 14

We finish our Brazil tour with a meeting with crocodiles, tuyuyuyu and jaguar
Wild, wild west ... of Brazil. How cool that Brazil does not have marketing, as in the US. This country is like a Pandora's box. You open it without a single sure guess what's inside. Every 100 km of the opening "and this is also Brazil!". Surprisingly, there is very little information about Brazil on the Internet, such information, which described at least 5 percent of reality. It's amazing! It's exciting.
Imagine, we come to the city on the road in which we planned to spend the night. Catholic Christmas, our plans a little were corrected :) had to look for housing longer than planned. And then the car stops at our motorcycle "hello, and I'm from the Touareg motor club and I saw you on facebook! let's go to our house! "So we ended up in the circle of the Brazilian family, behind the Christmas Brazilian Churaski and talk about motorcycle travel, Brazil and other vital things.
Honestly, we did not even suspect that in a fresh river somewhere in the jungle can be so interesting with a mask! An uncountable number of species of fish, driftwood, sand ... And outside the monkey on the branches close over the river, birds unfamiliar and familiar. Soft green light as in the space between the worlds according Lewis)
When the morning brushing of teeth can be supplemented with peeling)

To be continued...
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