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Adventures of YB125 in Brazil. Part 15

Let's continue...)

As soon as the asphalt was over and the priming started, we started to come across live animals. Basically, of course, these are birds. Most of all I wanted to see the symbol of the Pantanal - a terrible and big tujuyu. Just at least to learn the title of tuyuyu. They are shy and it's really hard to get close to them unnoticed, but it was possible to fully appreciate the huge wingspan of this bird!Tuyyuyuyev should be looked for in the marshes also because they can catch something interesting right in the presence of the observer. Their beak is usually described as follows: heavy and strong. It may be hard, but it takes half an hour to subdue the prey, and during this time you can properly consider the poor fellow, who has recently walked among marsh plants.But to see the caimans, it is not necessary to resort to the help of the tuyyuyu, although they like to eat young animals. Caymans thrive in the Pantanal. During the season of flooding rivers, they feel particularly good. In each backwater or dam, including attention, you can find eyes sticking out of the water or a scallop among the plants.We, of course, could not even imagine in our wildest fantasies that one of the caimans would sing for us. But, apparently, the time of miracles has come. Selected for long-term observations, the caiman at some point stretched and began to sing! This song was perfectly audible! :)The Pantanal is a great place to watch birds. Although we are not birdwatchers, we were also surprised by their wildest variety.We decided to get to Porto Joffre by all means. Despite the "no season", for the road that is not easy for the Friend (115 bridges were counted! And only a dozen - concrete ones, somewhere in the beginning of the way, half of the others probably will fall apart in the next ten years). There is something in such roads that lead to the edge. Such roads you always want to go to this very point. As if there is a hiding place with answers. After all, it's much easier to go back from the end point!We naively believed that Port Joffre is a small village and even had the courage to want to spend the night there. In fact, it turned out that this is a runway overgrown with grass, one hotel, a small place with a meteorological and radio station and a dozen of houses, half of which in off-season is empty. Oh yeah, and the boat station, of course. There is no electricity (only from the diesel). The road finishes in the wide and powerful river Cuyaba, behind it - a dense and moist, sound-filled green forest wall. The heat is impossible and ... Just an unreal cloud of enraged hungry mosquitoes. It is literally impossible to breathe.
Our plan failed, it was simply impossible to stay there with the tent ... We had to accept defeat and capitulate. Be sure to come back here. Once. During the observation season. By car (sorry Friend, you can't save from mosquitoes).

To be continued)) Stay tuned!
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