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Adventures of YB125 in Brazil. Part 16

And then a miracle happened to us.
This is the moment when our two hearts first went to the heels and then jumped somewhere up.
Because of the sand, the speed was very small, besides, we have not yet moved away from the stunning sunset with a full double rainbow bridge across the entire red-orange sky. At that very moment it was brighter than the pictures, but suddenly a shadow appeared on the road from the forest. Large, soft, graceful animal ... Shadow went out onto the road, sat down and stared at us with the eyes burning from the headlight. "What a big dog!" We thought. Of course, it was not a dog, it was a huge spotted cat, we realized it right away, but we were afraid that the miracle would evaporate, that it would run away before we could see it.
We were afraid in vain. Jaguar absolutely was not going to run away. He was absolutely calm and relaxed. It understood that it was the master here. I understood, it seems that we understand this, and on the road it had its own plans. Stunningly beautiful ... Exactly such as on the frescoes and bas-reliefs of the Mayan ruins ... With a plastic and strong body. Tired of the heat, it went out on the road to rest. Apparently, it wanted dryness. We were enchanted to get to it slowly, closer, not getting off the bike and the closer we got, the more clearly understood - it's just huge!
We had to drive. Lighting for a long photo shoot was still not enough, so - just drive through.
The state of Mat Gross is very fortunate, it lies between the Amazon basin, the Pantanal lowland and contains the low mountains of the Brazilian highlands. And because these mountains contain just three types of vegetation - the Pantanal, Amazonian and vegetation highlands. All this is dashingly involved and terribly interesting. For example, there is one palm tree (it is, by the way, edible, but now it is forbidden for production), which refers to the Amazonian species of flora. Here it is called wandering and not very unfounded :) the palm tree is really capable of moving slowly, growing new roots in the right direction, in the unnecessary direction, the roots die and become rotten.
bite is not fatal, but if it happens - the campaign is over
And at the very end of the tour of Brazil we went camping to a very beautiful waterfall.
and 30 meters after that the water falls from a height of about 300 meters vertically powerfully down
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