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Adventures of YB125 in Bolivia. Part 1

Today there will be a beginning of our story about Bolivia. Traditionally, there will be many stories and photos. Let's go!

We got the idea: the less the Internet, the more interesting around. You just need to open yourself and let it go. And here you do not even need to try, both mind and soul are open for the history of Latin America.
The entrance to Bolivia was an exciting event for us. The reason for this is the Peruvian nationality of our Friend. On the Peruvian-Bolivian (common) borders without tricks and tricks, mutual transport did not circulate in 2016-2017, these countries have a long transport battle. But here on the borders of Bolivia far from Peru with other states about the enmity of numbers no one knows what we used. After reading reviews of all sorts of gringos about customs officers, we were preparing for the border, as a battle. However, it was not necessary to fight.
Asphalt ended smoothly behind the Brazilian barrier. Bolivia has spread the velvet red clay road under the wheels of our motorcycle. Everything was new and at the same time familiar. We were very happy with the primer - at last we stopped chasing the smell of downed and crushed animals. After a hundred kilometers we even began to forget what is asphalt and almost completely forgotten when we drove up to San Ignacio de Velasco.
The town of 12 thousand inhabitants is the largest on the way from the border to the state capital. In San Ignacio, the asphalt began to appear from under the red clay and dust. From the capital of the province of Velasco, we expected the same things seen in the missionary towns of Brazil. But on the first evening of arrival, we wandered under the orange lanterns almost with open mouths. San Ignacio promised us a lot. Many discoveries and revelations. All its carved colonnades, a museum that was opened for us (at night), and the main church is amazing with its scale and absolute originality. It all seemed to whisper: welcome!
In general, we did not know what to visit.
Our first legal Bolivia is like a dream, a magic on the favorite topic "The history of the Jesuit mission in South America." We did not even guess that a washed red dirt road through the marshes would lead us to the most unique place of all the Jesuit missions (this fact is recognized by UNESCO).
In the photo, the lord Luis Rocha and Saint Anne in a stunning carved altar that has not undergone a single change since Jesuits (as if listening to his song). Incredible moment ...
Almost every child in the province Velasco studies music, while units achieve great success. The younger (sixth) son of Senor Luis, for example, now lives in Spain. He's an organist. I started in the village, gradually taking prizes in competitions, I got to Europe. He even played the organ for the Pope. Senor Luis carefully keeps pictures of his son with a variety of celebrities.
From San Ignacio to Santa Cruz a new asphalt road comes. Maybe because they are not used to it yet, maybe because it is not the shortest, but there are few cars: sometimes trucks, sometimes buses. With the unreal cloudy sky and the mirages over the new surface, it seemed that we had been brought into a parallel universe or some kind of temporary hole! With great joy we found that neither on the road itself nor on the roadside, you can not see dead animals, there is no this smell! And this even though in the villages the dogs (as well as pigs and cows) walk right along the road, and sometimes they can lie down on it to rest.
We have to believe the local people who claim that droughts are not uncommon here, but a regularity, and this rainy season is more humid than usual. Well, let nature rejoice, we will tolerate.
Bolivia is a country in which lunch consists of the first and second meals. Food in general became one of our main entertainments: firstly, there are a lot of it and you can directly choose and choose, secondly, no matter how we show off, lunch is half as cheap as Brazilian. Well, thirdly, there are houses where dinner is cooked without a sign, just at the right time, a secret circle is pulled into the colonial patio, where some dona Anita carefully informs about the composition of today's menu and asks about preferences for the second one. Bolivia, how beautiful you are!
It was three-toed sloth!

To be continued...
  • Ana Martinez Mar 13 21:52 GTM
    Thanks for great story!
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