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Adventures of YB125 in Bolivia. Part 3

Wet mountain forests of Bolivia, in particular, the protected natural area of ​​Amboro, are famous for their giant fern-like trees. Walking under 5-9 meters of ferns, you can imagine a world in which we were not even in sight. Ideal for dinosaur lovers! Who likes to break his brain? Read something about the classification of ferns prominent (there are at least three existing ones). Perhaps, fern-shaped - this is one of the most extensive and most interesting departments of the plant kingdom. Everything in them - from structure to role in the modern world - is incredibly interesting, this is space!
And here in this Amborough forest, you seem to fall into an exaggerated world where ferns spread their wai over your head, other ferns live on their trunks, where they capture an abandoned ecological path and live on it ... If it were not for the ordinary plants that are there nevertheless come across really, it would be possible to think, that we have rewound 200-300 million (!) years ago. Brave world, of course ... We still remember as a dream for two.
We also found grape harvesting over Samaypaty. To our great surprise, the wine from Samipaty has nothing to do with Peruvian wine or Brazilian wine. History, climate, everything is clear! But the Bolivian, the master of vigny, studied in Argentina and from there he brought equipment and machinery. Maybe that's why after making two simple samypat actions (bite a pizza with blue cheese from an Argentine pizzeria + uncork a bottle of cabernet), you can literally transfer to our Argentinean happy days. In Bolivia, this is priceless.
We decided not to visit the village, where Che Guevara was executed and did not pay much attention to it.
The city of Vallegrande (which is visited by tourists in 9 cases out of 10 for the sake of acquaintance with the history of the last days of the life of the legendary commandant Che) has a rich history both pre-Hispanic and colonial. Our path through this city was determined not by Che, but by the rock paintings, which are in the vicinity in huge numbers. Searching them isn't easy, popularization and even research is not enough. In general, we went to look for a cave, not being completely sure of a successful outcome. Everything is as we love, in short.
In reality, the cave turned out to be a small grotto, a depth of 4 meters. Despite its size, it simply amazes with pictures. Different techniques, different colors, different styles ... The details are as much as they seem, do not reconsider: zoomorphic figures, similar to dinosaurs, hands in negative technique, a huge anthropomorphic figure of a warrior or shaman.

To be continued...
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