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Adventures of YB125 in Bolivia. Part 4

Let's continue...

Sucre is something. One of the smallest and cozy capitals of those that we saw. The capital city does not look like. Its coloniality is obvious, but it can be difficult to see it under tons of wires. But the wires eventually start to love and be touched, through them it is even somehow particularly pleasant to look at the mountains that turn blue under the clouds at the end of each street.
For only the atmosphere that Sucre gives you, you can fall in love with it. In any case, it is in here that you can get a little distracted from the rural Bolivian reality: go to the movies, eat Thai soup or Chinese dumplings, drunk freshly squeezed juice, trample down the running up and down alleys, fill your brain cache in endless museums and in the end, go with each other on dates with yellow lanterns, or in small cafes.
smiling ceramics of yampar culture
In Sucre on the outskirts there is absolutely a stunning place. A couple of decades ago, in an open mine of a mining company, a plate with traces of dinosaurs was discovered. It began to be carefully cleared and eventually released a huge piece, over a kilometer long, on average more than 100 meters in height and containing several layers of different time with the richest collection of dinosaur tracks in the world.
The way from Sucre to Potosi, and Potosi itself is a continuous drama. Fancifully folded mountains (such for some reason always in places rich in fossils), clear sky and a rise from 2800 to 4000. Potosi is a severe place.
Joyous fields of quinoa, height 3700. Sometimes they come vicuña to feast on
There are such fleeting encounters, when you even could not remember the name of the interlocutor, but the memory remains for a long time in the soul. Some kind of pleasant and valuable feeling. You remember him often and warmly, and wish him a good road, wherever he was. The salted Englishman:
And then was our meeting with a dream. With our blue and white for two, a dream :) How many do not see photos of Uyuni on the Internet, in reality everything will be different. It is impossible to comprehend it. This is the cosmos. Space on earth.

to be continued....
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