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Adventures of YB125 in Bolivia. Part 5

A shaky, trembling world, in which everything is like a dream. Mountains hovering above the earth and water, a multidimensional world of clouds, lamas slowly floating through the air and thin-legged flamingos. Happiness to be in it and become a part of it, although it seems that it is unreal.
Salty lake in the meteorite crater
Lamas swim over the road
To get from one end of Uyuni to the other, it took us the whole day. So much gray-blue, blue. The sky multiplied by two. Happiness multiplied by ten!
At sunset over Uyuni mountains appeared that did not touch the salt marsh, which turned into a mirror. Oh, and we dreamed) Sleep in a dream, for two. Gratitude spreads to the heart.
Flying islands
Almost every time the sun sets, the wind subsides and silence sets in. And every time the wind rises with the rising of the sun. The wind is like a faithful dog chasing the sun. It's especially nice to watch this phenomenon when your tent is standing at 3600 with the most beautiful view - a tambour and an entrance you want to keep open until you miss anything in the mystery that is played out beyond the threshold.
After sunset miracles do not end. Over the salt marsh is a real storm. But before us it will not come soon

To be continued...
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