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Registration on the site

About the website

Moto Riders Universe is a community of motorcycle fans. The project provides an opportunity to communicate, exchange opinions and experience on motorcycle issues and get new contacts. The goal of the project is to unite all the fans of moto vehicles, regardless of the geographical location and availability of the motorcycle.

Account deleting

Registered users can’t be deleted by the administration of the service. However, users who do not follow the site rules can be blocked for a term of a day to forever, according to the decision of the Administration.

But sometimes due to some reasons the user wants to delete his account. In this case, the profile is completely cleaned from photos and contact information, the account is permanently blocked without email notifications and the possibility to replace it.

Check in

If you check in, you will be able to:

  • Create a personal account, tell about yourself, meet and make friends with new interesting people;
  • Find motorcyclists in any country, state, city
  • Vote for profiles, posts and comments;
  • Share your own opinion, leaving comments where it’s possible;
  • Post materials of various content, related to the site subject;
  • Place your motorcycles, creating own blog for each of them and fill in the information about a particular motorcycle;
  • Ask questions from the thousands of the Moto Riders Universe audience;
  • Participate in voting "motorcycle of the day"
  • In case of a motorcycle stealing, you can post it in the appropriate "rubric"
  • Maintain your personal blog
  • Add motorcycle events around the world;
  • and much more...