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Rider rating

I have a negative rating, how can I increase it?

Your actions on the site (posts, comments, questions, profile) are evaluated by users of our site. Of course, everyone has their own attitude to the written, depending on which they give a positive or negative assessment. If your rating has reached a critical point, it means that community treats your actions negatively.

The rating can not be increased by the Site Administration. You can improve this rate yourself, for example by writing a story about yourself, your motorcycles, etc., thereby becoming closer to people. As practice shows, readers perceive new people adequately and are always glad to interesting cognitive stories.

Such things, as your comments, recommendations and answers to people who need it, are very important. It also has a positive effect on your rating.

What does the rider rating affect?

It affects the position of a rider or motorcycle when searching (the higher rating means the higher position of your profile / motorcycle, displaying among other users).

It also means the higher confidence in the user's posts or the posts of the motorcycle blog and the higher chance to get new subscribers.

How the rider's rating is calculated ?

User rating is calculated based on the rating of the rider's comments, blog posts and subscribers.


Rating is a total level of the popularity of a rider or his motorcycle.