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Stolen motorcycles

Rules for posting information

It is allowed to add motorcycle technics, that you had / have personally or maybe, it’s your friend's technique, who doesn’t have the Internet for some reason!

Photos should be real (not downloaded from the Internet) without any signs and stamps.

Also, if there is no manufacturer or model of your motorcycle in the list - contact the site Administration.

The more accurate information you provide means the higher chance that your motorcycle will be seen and found.

Do not provide contacts in the "Additional information" field. If you find your technique in the future, you will have the opportunity to mark it as Found and thus all the important information will hide - the code, state number and your contact details. In this case the "Additional information" field will not be hidden and your contact information will remain in it.

Fields marked with a red sign (*) are required.

How to publish a stolen motorcycle?

Any registered user can post information about a stolen motorcycle in the rubric “ Stolen

To do this, click the "Add to Stolen" button and add information about the stolen motorcycle.

What is it?

Rubric "Stolen"  makes it possible to notify thousands of people about the stealing of their motorcycle immediately, to provide maximum information about it, up to the exact coordinates on the map of the theft place. It will increase the chances to find your motorcycle cooperatively.