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“Events archive”

“Events archive” - is a list of past events that were published on Motoridersuniverse.com.

What is the difference between the publications on the personal page and in the “Events” section?

While publishing on your personal page, the event will be available only for your friends and random visitors of your page. And on the contrary, while publishing in the “Events” section, much more people will have a chance to find your event and it will be constantly displayed until the end of this event. Such events will automatically be moved to “Archive” section.

What will happen if I click on "I ride to the event / Ride" button?

When you click on these buttons, you subscribe to the event and your name will be displayed on the list of participants.

Share the event with your friends

In order to share events in other social networks, just click on the social network icon where you want to share it. We appreciate sharing posts in other social networks because the more people see the source of the publication, the more people will know about this section. This process will be useful for both the authors of the events and the participants.

How can I edit an event?

Go to your profile and find the section "My events", then choose "..." and press “Edit”.

How can I delete an event?

Go to your profile and find the section "My events", then choose "..." and press “Delete”.

How can I publish an event?

There are 2 ways to add an event:

  1. You need to go to the “Events” section and click on the “+ Add Event” button. Then you need to fill in the form of the event as fully as possible and press the “Save” button.
  2. You need to open your profile and find the section "My events", click on the "My events" or "+" and then you need to fill in the event form as fully as possible and press the “Save” button.

How can I find a local event?

Select the area you are interested in and click on the "Show" button.

How does it work?

Select the area, date and event category (if you want to) and press the "Show" button. The found events will be displayed.

Events map

The map and drop-down lists allow you to find the events you are interested in according to the area you need. To do this, you just need to select the country and your state or the region and your city. Or you can just zoom the map and find the location you need.(But – If the author did not point out "Display the event on the map" while posting, the event can only be found using the drop-down list since it will not be marked on the map.)

Event categories

 All events are divided into categories for the convenience of search:

Benefit - Charity

Bike Night

Meet UP

Motorcycle Race

Motorcycle Rally

Motorcycle Show



Poker Run

Swap Meet


What is it?

Events – is the section on the website, where the events are published both from companies and individuals. The main task is to pick up all the events in one place for convenient search of events by categories and locations. Also it was made for the convenience of their publication with an opportunity to share with the motorcycle community as fast as possible.