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Posts and publication

What do buttons "like" and "don't like" mean?

Buttons “like” and “don’t like” allow to express the opinion about the quality of a post that finally affects the rating of a rider or its motorcycle (the link to a rating)

How to delete a post?

To delete a post, you must go to edit it.

In the upper right corner, click on the delete button and then confirm your actions. Remember that deleting a post will cause the removal of all comments to it, images and your rating increased with this post. 

How to edit a post?

To edit the post, in the lower right corner of the post you need to navigate to ... and the drop-down list will appear. Next you click the "Edit post" button, edit it and "save" the information.

How to publish a post?

Step 1 In the upper right corner, click on the drop-down list and after that, in the My post line, click the "+" button.
Note: if you press just "MY post", you will go to your posts page. 

or you can do it on your personal page, just click on the "add post" button and add your post.

Step 2: Write a title, add a description and a photo and press the "SAVE" button. More photos and information you add to your post increase the chance that your post will be interesting for your subscribers.

There are some differences between publishing posts on the blog and the bike log. You can read about it here 

What should I remember before publication?

First of all, you must follow the rules set on website. There are situations when the user forgets about the rules he agreed to when registering on our site or intentionally trying to break them. Usually it leads to the deleting of the post, and in the case of a systematic violation to the account lockout.

  • the title should be filled with sense, so it’s easy to get what the post will be about;
  • when publishing in the "bike log" rubric, point the topic category according to your post.

Who can publish the post?

Any registered user can publish posts.

Types of posts

The post can be published both on the personal page and in the "bike log".

Differences between types of posts look "here".

What is post?

Post is a note in a personal blog, or a Bikelog of your motorcycle. The main part of the information on Moto Riders Universe is represented with the help of posts.