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When are the contests held?

Contests are held regularly, the duration as well as its terms are specified in the description of the contest.

Who can vote for the contestants?

Everyone can vote only once. Registered users can vote 2 times (through the "Vote" button and giving “Likes” to posts in the bike blog).

Who determines the winner?

The winner is determined by the terms of the contest.

How many times can I participate in the contest?

You can participate in various contests unlimited number of times. BUT it is forbidden to create several accounts for participation in one contest.  

How can I participate in the contest?

Just to take part in the contest you need to sign up on the website, add your motorcycle with at least 3 photos and fulfill the conditions of the contest.

Types of contests

Contests are held on different topics and terms ... for example, the best motorcycle / custom bike / selfie contest / and other topics.

What will happen if I win?

The winner receives prizes, which are listed in the contest, absolutely freely with free shipping.


Contests – it is the section, where users can participate or vote for other contestants, meanwhile the winners receive gifts.