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Do the likes of the video affect my rating?

Yes, your videos affect your rating.

What will happen if the video is deleted from the source?

If the video is deleted on Youtube / Vimeo, it won’t be available in the “Video” section and deleted from it after a while (the exception are publications where the video was an addition to the post).

Do I get views on my Youtube / Vimeo channels if users watch them here?

Yes, you get views (but this is not the reason to spam your videos).

What types of video can I post?

You can add videos only from Youtube and Vimeo.

How can I post a video?

To add the video you need to publish it on your page or in the bike blog.


 It is the section, where you can find all the videos, published in posts and bike logs (read more about a posts and a bike logs).